Angel’s Dust

30 ml extrait de parfum

pepe nero, mimosa, rosa, iris, muschio, sandalo Mysore, balsamo di Tolu, benzoino, vaniglia.

Questo profumo ricorda un elegante boudoir che trasuda aromi di legno, cipria per il viso, rossetto, ed è progettato per sedurre.
Una combinazione di fiori, muschio e sandalo Mysore lo rendono inizialmente talcato, vellutato e innocente.
Quando il profumo si asciuga, diverse resine orientali aggiungono al profumo una sensualità decadente.

Due samples a tua scelta ti saranno donati con l’ordine di una bottiglia da 30 ml. Li potrai indicare al checkout.


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Angel's Dust. blue sky and leaf | Francesca Bianchi Perfumes
Angel’s Dust with leaf, Marco Martelli Photo

La creazione di Angel’s Dust

Con Angel’s Dust ho cercato di ricreare il carattere femmineo in modo innocente, leggero come una piuma ma allo stesso tempo seducente, audace e decadente. Il tocco vintage e “vecchio stile” non è stato volontario, ma una inevitabile conseguenza della mia idea di una femminilità dei tempi passati, l’idea di una donna che, nel suo boudoir in legno, si incipriava e applica altri segreti di bellezza sul viso e sul corpo. Si tratta di una donna non interessata ad affermare se stessa attraverso la carriera o lo scimmiottamento dei ruoli tradizionalmente maschili, ma cerca di esercitare il suo potere attraverso la seduzione. Ho quindi riscaldato l’accordo rosa-iris aggiungendo una combinazione di resine, che rappresentano una sensualità decadente e vissuta.


Disegno di Chester Gibs ispirato a Angel’s Dust, Francesca Bianchi Perfumes


Alcuni film e libri mi hanno sicuramente ispirato. Les Liaisons Dangereuses, per esempio, rappresenta esattamente l’atmosfera sofisticata e corrotta che avevo in mente. Un film che mi ha particolarmente colpito è Marie Antoniette di Sofia Coppola. Ovviamente mi piace l’ambientazione rococò, ma ciò che amo più in quel film è il modo in cui rappresenta la femminilità: scarpe, peccati, libertinaggio, torte decorate e deliziose e assoluta spensieratezza, senza sensi di colpa.

Qualcuno ha confrontato Angel’s Dust con alcuni profumi mitologici di Guerlain (Luca Turin ha citato Guet-Apens / Attrape Coeurs). Sono onorata di un simile confronto, anche se sono riuscita a sentire quel profumo solo qualche anno dopo aver fatto uscire Angel’s Dust. 


alcol denat., profumo, acqua (acqua), alcool benzilico, benzil benzoato, benzil cinnamato, aldeide cinnamica, alcool cinnamilico, citronellolo, eugenolo, geraniolo, gamma-metil ionone, idrossicitronellale, limonene, linalolo . </ p>

10 recensioni per Angel’s Dust

  1. Liss Herrera

    I blind-bought this one following the Luca Turin’s review (4 stars) and especially the comparison with Guerlain Guet-Apens /Attrape Coeurs. AD is really beautiful, a powdery bomb, long-lasting, maybe more feminine than unisex imo. I get a lot the innocent vibe, but decadent side is in the background too! Very happy about this purchase.

  2. sian.blanche9981 (proprietario verificato)

    Angel’s Dust Review
    I bought a full bottle without testing any samples because I knew, I would love it after scouring excellent reviews. A stunning creation! Angel’s Dust is a lipstick and cosmetic powder fragrance but with an edge. It is decadent, sweet, powdery and animalic; In my opinion, AD is a unique scent compared with other fragrances in the same olfactory genre. Delivery was incredibly fast. I live in the U.K. and since Covid 19, deliveries have been unusually slow of late. AD arrived in literally a few days. Additionally, I received two gorgeous samples; ‘Under My Skin’, which was and still is, my intended next full bottle purchase, and ‘Lost In Heaven’. All incredible olfactory fragrance experiences and beautifully packaged and presented. Francesca Bianchi is imo, the Grenouille of perfumery. Anyone who has read Patrick Suskind’s ‘Perfume’ will understand what I mean. Thank you Francesca 🙂

    • admin

      Hello! Nice to read this from you, thanks so much! Fraxxx

  3. parkemuth (proprietario verificato)

    Angel’s Dust is one of the top fragrances I have purchased over the past several years (and this number is not incognizant). This is not hyperbole of any sort.
    I first discovered Francesca Bianchi fragrances when I read a detailed rave review on CaFleurBon about Lost in Heaven. I immediately ordered it and fell in love with it from the minute I sprayed it on.
    However, I will not compare Lost in Heaven since many others have already raved about it in ways I think are accurate.

    Angel’s Dust is another fragrance rises to the same level, but it is anything but a flanker. It is a uniquely ”heavenly” blend.

    A powdery fragrance that invokes some of the greatest scents of a previous generation, it also has the depth and complexity that makes is modern in all the good ways. The notes are lovingly blended. On Fragrantica the Iris is given the most votes but it is not trying to imitate Iris Nazerena although I would rate AD as high as I would this Turin 5 star.

    Some say the rose is strong, but it isn’t on me. The powdery moves on into a juicy syrupy blend unfolds over hours. I think the vanilla comes across strong fairly soon and stays there throughout the dry down.

    Somehow Angel’s Dust is both a natural scent that lasts for hours and a scent that evolves beautifully throughout.

    The powdery note is quite strong at the outset, and for those who love this note, you will not be disappointed. But is not a beast mode. It is subtle and strong, very rarely accomplished for non-niche fragrances. I will be wearing AD throughout the year. I don’t think it is just a woman’s scent, but I love scents for their notes. Get a sample. Rating: 10/10

  4. murane.anzela (proprietario verificato)

    A very unusual powdery scent …
    Iris drowning in honey. Very voluminous, dense, rare fragrance. A real niche.

  5. Ksenija Celner (proprietario verificato)

    I loved it from the first sniff three years ago and knew I had to have it. I cannot really describe it, just saying ‘powdery’ will not do it justice. There are so many facets masterfully blended here that it stops being a perfume. I treat it more as an experience. There is a noticable reference to the old Guerlains but AD is in no way a copy. One must really try it and see if it matches ones personality. It is my personal favourite from the FB line.

  6. justine lawton (proprietario verificato)

    After trialling all of the ‘feminine’ fragrances on the range, I plumped for Angel’s Dust. To be fair, I could have chosen several others, but this was the standout simply because I have nothing else like it in my collection. Like all of Francesca’s compositions, this is complex, and the development is subtle and sustained. At first, the rose is prominent to my nose, but gradually the deeper, muskier an d more ‘fleshy’ elements begin to bloom. It is exquisite. Now, on to order my next one from the array of treasures….

  7. Petra Andersen (proprietario verificato)

    Angel’s Dust is a scent for a woman. I get lots of mimosa, powder, lipstick… budoir vibe. Beautiful scent leaning feminine.

    She knows less is more. Touch of powder, lipstick, no need to brush her hair. He comes in. They kiss. Dress comes off and reveals lace. She knows how to seduce…a woman….scent stories

  8. Sylvie Guidone (proprietario verificato)

    Magnifique parfum !! Un poudré mais pas seulement…Il ne ressemble à aucun autre jus..Achat à l’aveugle,pas déçu..J’ai eu plusieurs testeurs,et vraiment tous envoûtant,mais mon choix et définitivement DARK SIDE il tient des heures et des jours sur les vêtements..j ´adore les parfums ambrés, boisées !!mon parfum signature depuis des années,Ambre sultan et Féminité du bois de SL…UNDER MY SKIN me plait beaucoup également…Bravo Francesca Bianchi.

  9. Ilse Van den Brande

    The smell is wonderful. I love it. I wish it lasted longer on my skin. On my clothes it lasts longer. ❤️

  10. iris (proprietario verificato)

    Even if I repeat myself: Francesca is for sure one of the most talented perfume creatresses ever. I simply adore her work. I am so very picky, when it comes to scents, especially, as there are so many synthetic ones out there. But her very pure creations…just divine!!! Angel’s Dust captivates you with its angelic scent of the innocent flower girls mimosa, rose and iris, that have had dirty sex with those hot guys musk and sandal wood. Wearing it you feel this cheeky after-sex grin all around you: satisfied and blossoming. Boudoir dreams with powdery silks and fans, chaise longues and crystal chandeliers come to mind. A feminine scent extra-ordinaire – I just want to wear it day and night! Feeling incredibly sexy with it!

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