Meet & Greet at Profumeria Narcotico

Hello Wonderful Fragrance Enthusiast,

The event will be a celebration of our shared passion for fragrances and an intimate opportunity for us to connect. I’m genuinely looking forward to meeting you, hearing your stories, and sharing in the magic that only the finest scents can evoke.

Date: June 26th
Time: 5 PM to 7:30 PM
Location: Profumeria Narcotico
Via S. Rocco, 6A, 35042 Este (PD)

Choosing to register is entirely optional but comes with its perks. It allows me to prepare a truly personal and unforgettable experience for you. Plus, as a token of my appreciation for your effort, you’ll be gifted an exclusive sample of my latest creation, The Mariner’s Rhyme, inspired by tales of the sea and the spirit of adventure.

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