The Black Knight

(13 customer reviews)

The Black Knight

(13 customer reviews)

Extrait de parfum

Accords: woody (vetiver), aromatic, smoky, powdery
Mood: gothic, intense, sophisticated

Renaissance captain Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere, together with his loyalty, spartan life-style, and moral commitment inspired this creation.  Imagine the smell of a military camp: the sweetness of wild shrubs, the smoke of campfire, the smell of leather horse tacks. A powdery rose – symbolizing his secret mistress – rounds up an intense core of vetiver, the great protagonist of this perfume.


NOTES: artemisia, caraway, honey, bulgarian rose, narcissus, iris butter, beeswax, cederwood, vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss, leather.

This is an extrait de parfum, so use sparingly as the concentration is 25%. It has a great longevity (an average of 12h).

The inspiration behind The Black Knight

The Black Knight is a gothic, intense, sophisticated perfume inspired by the historical character Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere (John of the Black Bands), an Italian condottiero (mercenary captain) of the Renaissance who belonged to the glorious Medici family.

I was charmed by this character for his stoic commitment to his cause, his loyalty, and his Spartan way of life – despite his noble origins.

The perfume tries to depict the atmosphere of a military camp, starting with the smell of wild shrubs, then the smoke of camp fire and the odor of horse tacks. 

The evolution then delves deeper into the soul of this stern character, revealing the presence of a secret mistress, with a powdery rose rounding up the deep core made of vetiver.

I didn’t add any typical animalistic note as the intensity of Vetiver, together with the smokiness of leather, already carried it through.

I wanted to combine both the uncompromising and the human aspects of this fascinating character in a dark, medieval, meditative scent.


Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Aqua, D-Limonene, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Hydroxycitronellal, Isoeugenol, Eugenol, Citral, Amyl Cinnamal, Farnesol, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin, Benzyl Salicylate.

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for The Black Knight

  1. Michael

    Now, before you read this review here, let me preface this by saying, that I’m not a professional reviewer nor that my mother tongue is English (please keep this in mind, I try my best peeps).

    In the first moments of THE BLACK KNIGHT you will get the Francesca leathery suede note which is quite similar to the leather note in THE LOVER’S TALE, but this time – it is different. Because in the background one can smell the vetiver waiting for attack. The vetiver is not an earthy one, rather fresh and green. And then you have the orris, which sweetens up the composition, makes it more airy, light.

    After a while the leather/suede note goes in the background. But therefore it is now the hour of the vetiver. And hours it is… on a little side note: typical Bianchi power, one tiny spritz and I’m good to go for the whole day.
    But now back to the vetiver – it is green, fresh and now it kinda starts to get earthy. The leather died down, but it didn’t say goodbye, it is still here (actually it never says goodbye, until the fragrance itself winks its last rounds). And it is beautiful.
    Now, in my opinion, now it’s the time for THE BLACK KNIGHT to shine. But does he shine? Yes, because I left one note out: the orris. At this stage of the perfume, it adds again something floral, sweet (FYI: not cloying sweet – I hate sugary smells), airy and beautiful to the fragrance.

    All in all it is a must-buy for me. I really encourage everyone out there to get your hands on a sample of THE BLACK KNIGHT.

    • admin

      I am really touched by your review, Michael! Thanks so much, Fraxxx ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Adrian (verified owner)

    i’m not a professional fragrance reviewer, i can not tell you which notes are present or which ones are more predominant, but what i can tell you is that this scent is unique. Unique how? if you’re not ready for a strong, pungent, raw, amazing scent, then stick with cheap designer fragrances. This bottle arrived yesterday and upon spraying on my wrist the first impression was…what is this? I basically traveled back in time during the Ottoman Empire expansion throughout the world…To me this smells like the polished leather trunk in the tent of the sultan while on a campaign against European powers. After few hours it is still so different than anything else in my collection. If you like unique and long lasting juice, and you like the smell of raw leather (not the soft fancy jackets) that lasts 12-14 hours, this is a must!! Clearly it is not going to be my last Francesca Bianchi scent! What a fantastic fragrance! Memory making! This is on my short list of 5 scents to take on a desert island!..(who needs perfumes on a desert island???).

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thanks Adrian for the fantastic words! So glad you were this inspired by my creation!

  3. Dan Watkins

    Purchased recently along with Lost in Heaven, having already owned the divine Under My Skin since February (Ill get roubd to reviewing all at some point). This is a gorgeous, sexy and intensely addictive animalic, more masculine than the other 2 and is not like anythibg else i have. You really do only need one spray (obviously, what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want’ are not the same LOL – i have been applying all day….sparingly, of course ;)) and I cant get enough. 30ml is more than enough so don’t be put off by size, because the power of this, much the same as the others in my collection (so far) is outstanding. Projection and longevity are unbelievable and the quality of the ingredients unmatched. This is exquisite perfumery, masterfully executed and although all three I have are different, they share an unmistaleable DNA that is is both intangible and genius. I wont go into notes, you can find these yourself.

    I have said this before, but the FB fragrances will truely make even the most dedicated fraghead question what the point is in bothering with any other brand!

  4. etil.lamut

    The Black Knight transitions into something unique, powerful. I feel he is always on my side. So dark, and a warm hug. Aura and longevity great. I adore this Black Knight … Olga

  5. devosruby

    The Black Knight is an armour for cold and difficult days. The opening is perhaps my favorite: hard black leather and the smell of varnish, incredibly dense but not sharp. As all FB fragrances, this is extremely well-rounded. Some smoke runs through it as well. Gradually the scent mellows, remaining smoky for a good while, but softening with the honey and the orris root. In that drydown The Black Knight becomes more similar to other Bianchi scents, but when you put your nose closer to your skin the hard leatheriness remains. This duality of strength and softness is what makes this not only relatively easy to wear, but it also gives a very protective dimension to the fragrance. Reading into the story behind this scent it really evokes images in my head of this freezing military camp, the heat of breath of skin, staying warms under layers of fur and wearing boots to bed.

    Wear it when you need to conquer the cold, or perhaps the world.

  6. guildemily

    Francesca’s perfumes make me very emotional. The feeling I get from smelling them is similar to the way I feel after watching certain Pasolini films: that I ought to be living a poetic life, and that I can. This scent gave me a very vivid image in its opening of an earthenware pot filled with honey, buried with smoldering leaves in the ground on a cold, grey morning. I didn’t conjure up this image in an effort to be descriptive, it just appeared to me fully formed on the fourth wearing. It is a very magical and quietly powerful perfume. I bought my bottle from an American stockist called In Fieri. I hope to own all of her work one day, but this scent had to be my first full bottle as I have never reacted so cinematically to a perfume before.

  7. jeanbaptiste.bel (verified owner)

    Just pass the order for this one.
    This is really dark, need really to be try on skin and not only paper. I love this perfume so much…because it let me feel so strong…this is one of the most dark and unique by the feeling that procure this fragance when you wear it….(tested among 400 fragances during this year!). This is not for everyone for sure…..but wow….i love this fragrance not for what it smells (even it’s great for sure) but for the feeling. And i think it’s the most powerful fragrance tested in term of longevity !!!
    Congratulations Francesca for this beautiful creation

  8. Laura Ombler (verified owner)

    The Black night gives me great comfort on stressful days and on other days he makes me nervous in a very good way.

  9. Mischa

    Black knight is my mysterious friend. He s always ready to listen to me. Altghough quite masculin (certainly in the beginning) he caresses me like a mother. The vetiver is not harsh here, but smooth and creamy. Leather and flowers add a very comforting feeling. I went yesterday to bed in company of this black knight and woke up today with a very beautiful residu of the fragrance on my arm. Black knight will make the most gloomy month of the year: November more bearable for me. It s a perfect autumnal fragrance. Thank you, Francesca for this exceptional creation. I ve tested a lot of fragrances in my life, but this one is really very special. It gives me peace and pleasure. Well done!

  10. ronjesanbar (verified owner)

    Otra maravilla de Francesca , the Black knight te acompaña por largas horas es fantástica. Ronald

  11. evangelos (verified owner)

    My favorite vetiver fragrance with Francesca’s perfume DNA.
    Very long lasting and dense.

  12. Anna Corradini (verified owner)

    Unique fragrance. I never smelled anything like this. Very masculine. It smells like a 5-star miltary camp: smoke, tobacco & leather but in a First-class arrangement.

  13. tudor.bucur (verified owner)

    One of the best vetiver scents out there and that’s saying something as there are so many good vetivers out there.
    This is a dark vetiver, almost raw, earthy-sweet, campfire-leather, lathered horse, lathered knight. Brooding, sobre and pitch black. With a waxy red rose in the middle.

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